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About Us : Khola Janala [ Online Games ]

http:// [game] @ is a full-service software gaming portal. We have the best and the most exclusive online games for both the casual and hardcore gamers.

We aim to bring you all the thrills of online games in one awesome portal. is the largest gaming portal of Bangladesh. This gaming portal has more than 1500+ world-class online games.

We have world's best, most wanted, and the most addictive international games. Cutting-edge gaming genres such as MOG's (Multiplayer Online Games) will soon be featured as well.

Fun is one of the most important parts of but not the whole picture. It is also a revolution for us to launch such type of portal for the first time in Bangladesh.

Considering all the age groups, we have created high quality games and we will trigger this revolution by offering only the best in game. These high quality games are fun to play with friends and family members.

We firmly believe that everyone is a gamer. So if you are bored and looking to add some excitement to your life, log on to for non-stop finger-tapping and mind-blowing gaming.

Support Team :

Naimul Islam (Dip)
North South University
Help & Support Team Manager
KJ Systems Network
Email :
Mobile : +88-01672861583

Kamrul Hassan Bappy [ Developer & Designer ]
North South University
Member, NSUCC
AGENT, Computer Barta
Administrator, KJ Systems Network

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